Mounting IBM Spectrum Protect as a drive letter on Windows

Tomas Dalebjörk
3 min readApr 8, 2022

Using IBM Spectrum Protect storage as a drive letter on Windows is easy using SPICTERA SPFS solution.

Here is a quick guide

Step 1) Launch the installation

By double click on the SetupSPFS-2.4.exe file

C:\> SetupSPFS-2.4.exe

Step 2) An introduction page shows all steps

Click Next

Step 3) License agreement

Select the (*) “I accept the agreement” option and click “Next” button if you agree

Step 4) Chose your configuration options

Decide whether If you want to configure SPFS during the installation or just install the software

Click on “Next” when done

Step 4a) without configuration

An configuration panel will inform you what steps you have to do manually

Click on “Next” button when done. This will jump to step 7 below.

Step 4b) Configuration panel

Select the location for the IBM Spectrum Protect error log files (ERRORLOGNAME)

Click “Next” when done

Step 5) Configure driveletter and nodename

Decide what drive letter to use as a mountpoint for the IBM Spectrum Protect (SPFS) storage. In our example we have decided to use “X:” as a drive letter for SPFS.

Enter the IBM Spectrum Protect client nodename used for the communication to the IBM Spectrum Protect server.

Click on “Next” when done

Step 6) Select IBM Spectrum Protect server

Enter the tcp/ip or domain address to the main IBM Spectrum Protect backup server. If there are replications to other IBM Spectrum Protect servers, than SPFS will figure it out automatically, and will use these as failover/fallback.

Click on “Next” when done

Step 7) Ready to Install

An execution plan will show what steps are done.

It is possible to review the configuraiton, change it by using the “Back” button.

Click on “Install” to install and configure the software.

Note that if you have skipped the configuration, than the information panel will look differently, as shown in figure below.

Step 8) Taking the steps after installation

The license details for the product has to be sent. The information is the output from the below command:

C:\> “C:\Program Files\SPFS\bin\getlicense.exe”

The initial IBM Spectrum Protect credentials has to be stored using

C:\Program Files\SPFS\etc\> “C:\Program Files\SPFS\bin\setpassword.exe” TSM.PWD

You are now ready to use this storage for the purpose you have

For more detail, contact spictera at


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