Protecting PostgreSQL using pg_basebackup with IBM Spectrum Protect

This time we are going to explain how to protect PostgreSQL databases using a tool called pg_basebackup, that comes together with the PostgreSQL packages.

  1. Install the IBM Spectrum Protect Client API

2. Install the SPFS software

3. Configure the Spectrum Protect client

4. Register the node on the backup server

5. Configure the SPFS file system

5.1 Create option file

5.2 set initial password

5.3 Create spfs configuration

6. mounting the SPFS file system

You are now ready to start using Spectrum Protect as a file system, storing and retrieving backup data of PostgreSQL

7. setting up WAL — continuous archiving
set wal_level to archive or higher, archive_mode to on, and set up an archive_command that performs archiving.

Restart of PostgreSQL is required in order to enable the WAL archiving.

Performing snapshot consistent backups

Restoring from backup

Stop the PostgreSQL server instance

Restore data from backup

Create a new recovery.conf file with the required parameters for PITR.

Start up the PostgreSQL server instance, so that an automatic recovery can be initiated



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