There are many different methods that one can use for protecting PostgreSQL. This time we are going to introduce you to the pg_probackup utility.

  1. Install the IBM Spectrum Protect Client API

2. Install the SPFS software

3. Configure the Spectrum Protect client

4. Register the node on the backup server

5. Configure the SPFS file system

5.1 Create option file

5.2 set initial password

5.3 Create spfs configuration

6. mounting the SPFS file system

You are now ready to start using Spectrum Protect as a file system, storing and retrieving backup data of PostgreSQL

Performing backup using pg_probackup

Initializing backup catalog

$ pg_probackup init -B /archive/pgbackup

Adding a new backup instance

$ pg_probackup add-instance -B /archive/pgbackup -D /var/lib/pgsql/12/data --instance test1

Example of performing a full backup of the instance

$ pg_probackup backup -B /archive/pgbackup --instance test1 -b FULL -j 8 --no-validate

Sample output:

Restoring from a backup

$  pg_probackup restore -B /archive/pgbackup --instance test

Sample output

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