Spictera Data Protection solutions

Tomas Dalebjörk
3 min readOct 29, 2021

What is spictera Data Protection solutions?

Spictera Data Protection is an unified storage solution with full-lifecycle that provides Disaster Recovery (DR), backup, and archiving services to help enterprises cope with the soaring volume of data that drives the digital world. Spictera uses the latest, cutting-edge technologies, ensures near zero data loss, and long-term information retention.

Data Protection Challenges and Trends

As the world digitilization progresses, information is becoming a strategic and fundamental resource and key factor. The information is like a lifeblood for many organizations, where its content and availabilities are vulnerable for natural disasters, malwares, human errors, cybersecurity attacks, ransomware attacks, software and hardware errors that may lead to information loss. As the value of the information increases, so are the threats. This makes it more critical to find climate smart solutions how to protect it for both the public and private organizations.

The information evolution with more applications and services, requirements of protection, performance, energy consumption reductions, and scale has increased dramatically. Comprehensive data protection throughout the entire information lifecycle is now paramount.

Spictera Unified Data Protection —Multi scenario Data Protection

Spictera unified Data Protection implements climate smart energy efficient data protections of information that are application consistent, and secure throughout the lifecycle. Designed for the digital world, policy based management of information, near zero data loss and instant recoveries, with media managements that crosses different storage types.

Backup: Climate Smart energy efficient Data Protection & near zero data loss

Spictera backup solution provides a centralized policy based all-in one backup and recovery solution to support applications such as databases, file systems and Virtual Machines (VMs). These solutions are designed to resolve inefficient ways of data backup, high total cost of ownership (TCO), and the ability to restore data as quick as possible, with as little data loss as possible.

Multistream backup and restoration, progressive block level incremental forever (allways incremental backups), data reduction using inline de-duplication with compression, automatic failover and fallback, tiering, and advanced policy based built in data retention and media management. Encryption using private keys, data transfer or at storage pool or hardware. Tiering hot data using one type of media, and closer to production data, with cold data stored on other media type elsewhere. Data replication accross multiple locations and media. Continuous data protection of transactional data.

Instant restore to almost any place, near zero data loss recovery using transactional data.

Archiving: Instant Access and Linear Expansion

spictera provides a long-term archiving solution, with instant access and linear expansion, meeting customer requirements for long-term cold data archiving and regulatory compliance.

Storing and retrieving archival data from single server host, or from multiple hosts. Applying smart content based policy management filters, helps selecting data retention and media for the selected information.